The Positive Effects Of Being In A Relationship

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Being in a relationship is something that all people will get to experience within their lifetime. You will develop a relationship with almost all the people you meet in your life. Whether its your parents, friends, co-workers, or teammates. No matter how you and the other individual are connected, every relationship involves both parties to work together. Now, relationships that have the most effect on one as an individual, at least in my opinion, are the ones that involve intimacy. These relationships that involve some sort of significant other seem to be the hardest to maintain. We all know that most relationships end in divorce and that may be because of people just not working well together. Maybe one works harder to keep a relationship going than the other, or maybe both individuals just fall out of love after a while.…show more content…
We tend to learn from failed relationships the same way we learn from our general mistakes. Along with being sad after a break up, sometimes even relieved, we tend to reflect on these sorts of relationships. We reflect on them and analyze them. Asking ourselves questions about ourselves. Usually realizing flaws about one’s self that makes you question whether these flaws will have any effects on future relationships and how to fix them. We also learn what we do not want in a person. How a person mistreated you and put you down, and how you never want to experience that emotional mistreatment again. Or maybe your significant other cheats on you which causes trust issues within yourself for the future. Relationships like these are the ones that teach us the most about

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