Personal Narrative: Her Mother's Relationships

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Most of her relationships would last but 3 months, 4 months or maximum of 6 months before they break up. She was beautiful, qualified, also very kind. She was what anybody would look for, still she could never have a sustaining and nourishing relationship with any man. In the process she discovered that the trouble began in her relationship with her mother.

During her childhood she would see her mother to be a very tempestuous woman, who is giving in into a lot of temper tantrums and anger, and her father suffering in the hands of her mother. The child was very angry and upset with her mother and carried that upset with her throughout her life. Her relationship with her mother did not heal, and the consequence; very unconsciously her hurt
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It would make her get into behavioral patterns that would be very self-destructive. She would utter words that she knew would harm her,and her relationships. She would get into rage though she all the time knew she should not, she tried her best not to, at least at the conscious level. She could not help herself. She was aligning herself to the lower consciousness each time, because there was this intrinsic hurt with the mother. Repetitive over and over again, compulsive because she didn’t want to do it, but it was as though there were a force within her and she would present her worst side in that relationship inevitably in 2-3 months time. And people would run away from her.

Hurt in relationships can very much align you to the lower consciousness. This is what your relationship with your parents can do to you if it is not healed.

If we have as children suffered and very naturally very few children know how to assimilate pain. Most of us do not know how to deal with hurt and when we are hurt as children we tend to give it back throughout life in some way or the other to many people who enter our
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Hold the pain and experience the pain. Strangely you 'll find it is very painful. It will become pain in the chest region but slowly you 'll find, you 'll discover a freedom, joy and that will become love.”

Forgive them for how they treated you. Experience the hurt completely. It is time to do that now. It is your inner conflict that is hurting you; anger, frustration, and hatred. When you completely experience pain, forgive them, your relationship with them will improve. If we can heal relationship with our parents through acceptance and forgiveness, which would drastically transform our inner state. We can attract more joy and abundance in life.
The Story around Sri Bhagavan

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