Relationships In A Family

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Relationship All relationships go through trials and troubles, but real relationships get through it. What does this mean? Well, if there is a strong bond in a relationship, then that bond will not be easily broken as they go through different problems together. According to Galvin, Bylund, and Brommel (2012), blood and legal ties are often associated with relationships. It is also defined as couples who have marriage and kinship ties to each other, and as a community who either live together or support one another. Usually, when someone heard the word ‘relationship’, they quickly think of boyfriends and girlfriends but it does not have to be always about couples. Relationship does not always involve romance because it can also be classified…show more content…
Warm relationship between families are very important in a community because that warmth has a great impact for each individual (Tumangday, 2015). Relationship involves each person to connect and form organizations (Mish, 2004). Doing family devotions with God not only strengthen relationship with God but also strengthen relationship with God but also strengthen relationship with parents and siblings. It is a win-win situation because the person gets closer to God and at the same time, gets closer to his/her family. Reading God’s Word is one of the best ways to learn how to become a better person and member of a family. They share their problems and experiences then address them all to God through prayer. With this, the whole family develops into a healthier relationship that can manage stress and understand emotions and behaviors together. Watching movies and dramas is also an enjoyable activity with family. It can also be in English, Filipino, and/or Chinese. Sometimes, it can be a Korean drama. Since most family members have a common hobby that they love to do together, they can spend time together doing those things. Knowing that one is part of a very close family feels warm and nice to the heart which can affects a person’s life…show more content…
Humans need or want friends and surely, everyone had one. Friends are described as people who anyone can trust, love, and respect. They are also the people who anyone can be comfortable with (Brown, 2013). At every stage of a person’s life, their relationships with friends present them with both joys and challenges. Surely, everyone has problems that need solutions and that is why they find their friends to share their experiences and get advice. One way to bond with friends is to do something in common like shopping. Shopping is the activity of buying things from shops, which most friends love to do together (Cambridge dictionary, 1995). If there is a group of friends that are mostly girls, then they would probably enjoy shopping. They say that it is a good stress reliever. Eating with friends is another way to bond with them. They can enjoy their favorite foods at a given restaurant and at the same time chat with them. Since time is spent with friends, their relationship gets closer through

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