Relationships In Alice Walker's 'Everyday Use'

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1. I could imagine the relationship between Mama and Dee being very intense after the birth of her sister Maggie. The story states that her mom thought she hated Maggie until her and the church raised enough money to send her to school. I do not feel as though Dee and mama were very close because the story states how Dee hated the old house and does not reflect on any good memories between Dee and Mama. I believe the mother is very proud of Dee because she got further in her education than mama did. I still believe mother does not agree with her choice of friends because of her education, if that makes any sense. Mama does not like what her success has made Dee become, but she is still proud of her. The daydream is significant because it is how mama imagines reuniting with Dee one day. Mama feels as though Dee will embrace the woman who made it all possible with a warm hug and a brooch pinned on her dress.

2. When I reminisce on the relationship between Maggie and her mother, I believe their bond is unbreakable. Mostly, because of the house fire memories, their bond seems the strongest of all the people in the story. Also because Maggie still stays at home with her mother and although she is preparing to marry, she knows she is not the
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Dee says “I never knew how lovely these benches are…” She began to reminisce on her family’s background and how their tradition still stands. Dee asks to have her grandmother’s butter churn although she changed her name. Dee was not only her name but, her aunt’s name and her grandmother’s too. The name Dee was a generational tradition in their family but, Dee thought she had been named after her “oppressors.” It is as if all the knowledge she had attained still made her ignorant to her true history. Dee was fascinated with showing off whereas Maggie actually knew her heritage, her family history, and was not afraid to show it. It seems as though Maggie was disgusted with her sister because she knew everything yet, nothing at
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