Relationships In Brave New World

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I think our society isn’t coming really close to becoming like the novel Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, in the personal relationship aspect, in the Brave new world their personal relationships aren’t really considered relationships because they don’t have one person to stay with. In their society it is normal for them to have multiple people, and it is considered “such a horribly bad form to just have one person” by what Fanny quotes in the novel. I believe that in today's society personal relationships are different than in the novel. In the Brave New World people don’t know any different because that is how they are brought up or programmed to be, multiple partners, no real commitment, they just basically have sexual attraction towards…show more content…
There are many different ways to date, specifically more on who you date. In the novel, it is only normal for male and female to be together, in our society you can have any preference on who you have and it doesn’t have to be just male and female. There are people who believe that it’s okay to have female and female relationships, and there are people who like in the book, only believe in the normal male and female relation. The personal relationships really just depend on other people’s beliefs and what they prefer. My reasoning behind saying that today’s society isn’t becoming like in the Brave New World is because everyone is allowed to be their own person in every aspect, they can have their own relationships how they choose and nothing about relationships is usually considered taboo or horrible. It’s all based on individualism and personal preference. If people were not allowed to be their own individual I feel like things would or could most definitely become like the Brave New World, but until then it wouldn’t even be close to the way they have their personal
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