Relationships In Finding Forrester

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A Relationship wrapped in Writing

The movie Finding Forrester is an interesting tale of a friendship that is based on the two main characters Jamal and William’s love for writing and reading. In classic Hollywood style, the two meet in a scene that would make you think they're going to hate each other. However, they are attracted to each other because of their love of writing. William helps Jamal out with his writing and Jamal helps William regain the meaning of life and find what he's passionate about again. They are both helping each other reach their full potential in life.

Jamal and William's relationship begins when Jamal is talked into breaking into William’s house by his friends. When he broke in the house William scared Jamal and Jamal forgetting his backpack. Jamal’s backpack contained his journals of all the writing he had done and William edited all of his work. After Jamal got his books back, he was reading a famous book by William Forester in his class. He figured out that William forester was William had been cooped up on his apartment in New York for as long as Jamal was alive. After this finding Jamal started to connect with William and the connected through their writing. I believe this showed when Jamal realizes William is very forgiving and a great writer. Also it shows that William sees the potential that
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On the way home he wanted to show William the Yankee stadium. The stadium was extremely important to William because as a boy he had seen all the games with his brother. When they got back Jamal's efforts were rewarded when William said that that night was the best night he’d had in years. This shows how much Jamal cares about William and that he is interested in getting to know him on an even deeper level. It is Jamals way of telling William that he wants to help him now and in the
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