Relationships In Health Care Services

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1IntroBUILDING RELATIONS WITH CUSTOMERS IN HEALTHCARE SERVICES: AN INSIGHT Abstract Healthcare sector is considered one of the largest sector in terms of both revenue and workforce employment. The estimated valuation of the sector was close to USD 74 billion as at financial year 2011-12. A large and growing population, a booming economy, rapid urbanisation which has expanded the middle class, rising diseases and increased awareness level has enable the sector to grow at much higher rate. It is one of the most essential services in any growing economy. The Healthcare Industry comprises of hospital services, healthcare equipment, managed care and pharmaceuticals. Healthcare is a universal profession, different from law, business or government…show more content…
We have steped into a new era in which a customer can access information and engage in self directed health care. Due to availability of high speed computers, networking, satellite communication, CD-ROM technology and interactive CDs, instantaneous access to information from any part of the world has become a reality. Care of the individual patient Apart from adoption of latest tools and technology, it is most imperative that care of the individual patient is taken. Taking proper care of each patient is of utmost importance irrespective of status, caste, creed or religion. One must remember that a life might be saved by giving proper care on time. Innovative advertising and publicity The innovative advertisement slogans carrying message to check birth rate, hazards smoking and tobacco, liquor, child marriages. Etc., would prevent complicated diseases. Advertisements are instrumental in transmitting important messages and information to the people and also informing regarding the services made available by the healthcare system assuring time honoured treatment. Doctors’ day: Building…show more content…
Government can play a pivotal role in formulation of related policies and procedures which would ensure growth of Indian healthcare service industry. Collaborative Medical Services One should make the most of the opportunities to collaborate with other nations in the field of healthcare. India’s healthcare industry services touched the heart of Pakistani Baby Noor Fatima giving her a new lease of life has set an example in international relations. Hospitals in Kolkata have queues of patients from Bangladesh waiting for medical assistance. Also, British government is considering to fly long waiting queues of citizens to India for treatment and surgeries. Good marketing efforts could result in diverting patients from African and West Asian countries to India.

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