Relationships In Kama Sutra

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Kama Sutra: How to Revive Relationships in Just One Night Introduction It often happens in the long-lasting relationships that passion calms down and the spark dies out. Children, work, and household chores take a lot of time and effort. Running errands, you may easily forget about your partner and how deep you once fell in love with him/her. The feeling of the first weeks or months is gone and it can’t come back for no reason. Although the charm of novelty has its own expiration date, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of love. No fire can burn without fuel, and if you do nothing to improve your relationships, expect to get nothing in return; but if you are ready to give, not just get, be ready for happiness. A relationship is a work, and it can be hard, but the results are always incredible. What can be better than feeling infatuated again? What can be better than falling for your own husband/wife for the second (third, fourth, fifth) time? But how do you do it? You can revive intimacy in your relationships and become closer to your partner if you apply a few easy tips suggested by the ancient Indian text Kama Sutra. This work was written by Hindu philosopher Vatsyayana, and it contains a collection of advice on improving relationships. It’s believed wrongly that Kama Sutra is a kind of sex manual, but poses and tips on performing them are just a part of the book. There are quite a lot of philosophical remarks on life, love and family; there is a chapter on how to get a
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