Relationships In Macbeth, My Last Duchess, And Wuthering Heights

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Explore how writers present the theme destructive love and how this affects relationships in Macbeth, “My last Duchess”, and wuthering Heights. In these stories/plays there is many different relationships. Therefore in this research paper there will be explanation about the different loves and power struggles. In Macbeth, My last Duchess, and Wuthering Heights the writers show a consent power struggle within relationships. First, In my last Duchess the Duke killed his wife because there was not any communication and she was not faithful to the Duke. The Duke kills his wife because she showed a lot of affection to other men “Just this or that disgusts me” (Browning 38). Even Though he didn’t know who the men were he thought she was still having an affair with the men. Since he didn’t trust her, he thought he needed it stop what was happening by killing his wife “There she stands as if alive” (Browning 46-47). In the story Browning uses dramatic monologue with his communication by his breach of talking to his strangers about the things that his wife did not taking it to his wife to ask her why. Next, Often in relationships females try to control male characters with lack of communication. In macbeth Lady Macbeth is trying to use Macbeth as a item so she can try to control him. She wants to control him at the throne. Lady Macbeth is trying to control him telling him he will not kill the king “We will proceed no further” (Shakespeare 31). You own esteem letting you kill

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