Relationships In Mark Twain's Of Mice And Men

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Consider living a life without relationships, or the influence of others. A world without these relationships would be dull, challenging, as well as stressful. Thankfully, relationships are present and nearly inevitable in everyday life. These relationships are important aspects that allow individuals to gain perception of the lives of others. And after advancements in relationships occur, people experience a change in their life. This change is significant in life and literature because it puts the character of individuals to the test. This is demonstrated both in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men as characters experience a change that determines their stature and worth. To start with, a…show more content…
Early in the novel, Crooks acts bitter towards all of the farm hands because he is the only black person on a ranch and everyone discriminates against him. This causes him to stay secluded to his own sleeping quarters and causes his dreams to die also. Later on, Lennie and his friend George arrives and Lennie attempts to befriend Crooks and get to know him. Crooks though, has no intention to befriend Lennie because he is suspicious of any kind of kindness due to his loneliness. Crooks then responds by telling Lennie that George will never return, upsetting him. Although Crooks remains bitter for quite a while, it changes due to the capability of Lennie and George’s dreams. This dream that Lennie and George has also applies to Crooks and Crooks wants to be part of their dream. Crooks experiences a big change in heart since the beginning of the novel. He is willing to accept Lennie as a friend and begin to trust others again. Furthermore, George experiences a great change in character when dealing with Lennie and his misbehavior. Many times, Lennie would act up but George would just scold him briefly. Lennie’s actions worsens as he gets chased out of a town for attempting to touch a girl’s skirt because it is soft. Although it seems small, Lennie becomes scared and holds on to the girl’s dress causing the town to think he was trying to rape her. As Lennie’s
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