Relationships In Percy Jackson

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Introduction What if a monster hated you or a god thought you were perfect? In the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, the main character Percy lives in a mythological world of monsters and gods, some are friends while others are enemies. As Percy interacts with these characters throughout the series, the reader learns how they view Percy. The views of these characters draw the reader further into the fantasy world of Percy and create a set of relationships that change the course and development of the book series. In Percy’s world of Greek Mythology, relationships are complicated because they are intertwined with curses and prophecies that can make friends or enemies that endure. The views of the characters that interact with…show more content…
Now Percy will never have Ares or his children’s help in the face of battle. Kronos is another character that perceives Percy as an enemy because Percy is always foiling Kronos’s plans. This stems from the first time that Percy destroys Kronos’s plan to create a civil war between the gods. In the following quote, Kronos and Percy are fighting on Kronos’s ship while they sail toward Olympus. When Kronos is taunting Percy he says, “A poor performance, Percy Jackson. Luke tells me you were never his match in swordplay”(23). Kronos was taunting Percy about his friend Luke, who Kronos convinced to betray the gods. Luke was Percy’s best friend in The Lightning Thief before he turned evil. Kronos decides that Percy is his greatest enemy because Percy stops his plot to destroy Olympus in the first book of the series. Throughout the rest of the series, Kronos always finds ways to try to kill Percy and his friends. Kronos knows Percy is the key to taking down Olympus due to a prophecy from the oracle, therefore Kronos will try to kill Percy at any chance. Kronos and Percy’s fates are intertwined. Kronos is always trying to alter the great prophecy by trying to manipulate and taunt Percy. A final rival whose view
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