Animal Relationship In Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat

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The author’s puspose in “The Black Cat” is to demonstrate the relationship and the signification between the character and the cat. The character has had many pets throughout his life but his black cat was his most favorite pet. He used to love the black cat when he was younger but as time passed by, he began to detest the cat. As he was getting older he became an alcoholic and started to become more aggressive towards his loved ones especially the cat. He burned down his house, murdered his wife, and took one eye out of his cat. He believed everything bad that was happening to him was because of his cat. Everytime he would look at the cat, this anger rushed over to him. He would mistreat the cat infront of his wife and his wife would always…show more content…
This relationship had gone too far to this point because it was very wicked, violent, and ultimately sad. The cat has caused him to do dreadful things to the people around him especially murdering his wife. Furthermore, the alcohol has made everything worse since he became much more aggressive than what he is now. Towards the end of this dreadful story the character was being investigated for the murder of his own wife. It seems that he almost got away with it, but the black cat appeared with what seemed as a corpse of his dead wife. Black cats are usually a symbol of good or bad luck. The character did not know that since at first he was having the best time with both cats he had. But then he felts a sudden change in his personality and believed it was all because of the cat. He felt as if he was under a curse from the black cat and was stuck under it while the cat still roamed around his house. Towards the end of the story he wanted to kill the black cat but the black cat ended up getting him hung since the police discovered that he killed his own wife because the black cat basically led into murdering his
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