Relationships In The Book Night

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The Holocaust is a destruction on a massive scale, it was significant part of today’s history because it teaches people how and where genocide can take place in. Although, the violence was targeted towards the Jewish people, non-Jewish people were also killed during this traumatizing event of world history. The memoir Night by Eliezer Wiesel tells the story about Elie’s Holocaust experiences. In his story, Elie experiences and encounters several relationships involving himself and other characters. The theme relationships are essential for physical and psychological survival are shown throughout the book when situations involving Mrs. Schächter, Stein, and Elie occur. The situations take place in the story are evidence for the theme. First, the theme…show more content…
Stein was related to Eliezer, he visited Elie and his father often in the camp. Stein came crying because he missed his family. Stein was on the verge of giving up, “The only thing that keeps me alive, is to know that Reizel and the little ones are still alive,” (Wiesel 45). When Stein received the news about his family being dead, he gave up entirely and was never seen again. The experience that Stein suffered through supported the theme by showing that the possibility of his loved ones being alive kept him holding onto his own life. Lastly, the theme relationships are essential for physical and psychological survival is shown throughout the book when a situation involving Elie occurs. Elie did not care after his father’s death, “Since my father’s death, nothing mattered to me anymore, “(Wiesel 113). The death of Elie’s father was also the death of Elie’s emotions. He was unattached to himself completely, only food was on his mind. The struggle of Eliezer’s experience showed the theme by showing that the death of a loved one crushes prisoners
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