Relationships In The Golden Compass

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We build relationships throughout our lives, whether it be family or friends, however do we really understand them? In the Golden Compass, Lyra is the nucleus of an atom. Everyone and everything around Lyra makes her who she is. However the connection between the master, scholars, servants, John Faa and the gyptians with Lyra is not always the best. Sometimes, the relationship can be substandard because of the view on her family. Otherwise, the relationship can be superior based on Lyra and her background. The relationships that Lyra has built were either superior or shoddy. The master, scholars, servants, John Faa and the gyptians all have relationships with Lyra, healthy and unhealthy, which all affect her life.

First off, the relationship between Lyra and Jordan College is healthy based on the daily support given to her and their .At the Jordan College, the scholars, Master, and Lord Asrial teach her manners. They told her to,“ Speak when you 're spoken to, be quiet and polite, smile nicely and don 't you ever say Dunno when someone asks you a question.” As a result, Lyra learns how to have good manners especially in front of the master. Overall, she becomes a better person because of the scholars. Without the scholars help, Lyra would always be embarrassed for making a bad impression in front of the loyal lords and masters. Also at Jordan, the people entertained her in many different ways. “As a child, Lyra was entertained a lot. She played games all the time with
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