Relationships In The Mimic Men By V. S Naipaul

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The Mimic Men (1976) has been written by V.S Naipaul with so many characters that has so many good and bad values that we can learn from it. The relationship among each characters and their attitude towards each other can be explained clearly in this novel. The protagonist and the narrator of this novel is Ranjit Ralph Singh, the main character in this novel. He is a politician and a businessman who born and raised in Isabella. He had been into a lot of sexual and non-sexual relationship with so many women. However, all the relationship he gets into had never last longer. He got married to Sandra, his fellow school friend in London but has ended his marriage sadly because of his social class and his matters in politics. He ignored his own wife because of his career, thus it makes Sandra so disappointed at him. Before he got married to Sandra, he had a very close relationship with Lieni during his university days in London. He treated Lieni nicely and makes Lieni fell in love with him, yet lastly he also turned Lieni down disappointed. He also had a complicated relationship with his father since he was a kid. His father rarely being at home as he’s been assigned for the war. Thus make his father act strictly towards him. The next character that is so closed with the main character is Lieni. The relationship between Ralph and Lieni is complicated yet so passionate. Lieni lived in the basement at the boarding house with her illegitimate child. Lieni always helped Singh to
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