Relationships In The Miracle Worker

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In the story, The Miracle Worker, Annie is shown to have many relationships with individuals in the Keller home. One of the main relationships that stood out in the story is that of Kate Keller and Annie. I will focus on Annie’s relationship with Kate Keller since both women have played an important role in assisting Helen. Kate is the mother of Helen and she really loves and adores her daughter. Since Helen is deaf and mute, Kate finds it difficult to converse with Helen. Kate, desperately, needed help with Helen because she found it difficult to control her daughter.Annie, a student, who comes to assist Helen sees something amazing in Helen and wants to help her. Annie thinks that Mrs. Keller is really nice, but when she gets in the way of Helen’s learning then she becomes the problem. Annie knows that Kate wants the best for Helen, but she is one of the main reasons Helen has not been able to learn. Annie’s relationship with Kate Keller is essential in breaking the barrier that separated them from Helen. Kate and Annie have to work together to enable Helen to gain understanding and communication. Furthermore, Kate and Annie’s relationship began positively when they first became acquainted with each other. Although, Kate wondered how a young girl could help with Helen, since, the Kellers could not get Helen to sit still, or even to behave. Kate was expecting a governess that was older than a twenty-year-old, Annie. Annie told Kate the advantages she possesses in helping
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