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Relationships with parents) By Bethany Griinke 8C

Jackie French's novel Macbeth and Son is about two boys. One of them is Luke, a modern day Australian boy and the other is a boy named Lulach who lives in eleventh century Scotland. Both the boys have lost their biological fathers and gained stepfathers. Luke's stepfather Sam is a famous TV presenter. Lulach's stepfather Macbeth is a leader of a small village "Moray". Both Luke and Lulach struggle to accept their new stepfathers.

Macbeth and Son shows how modern day teenagers would react to having a step-parent after losing a biological parent. Luke's father died from an illness most likely cancer. His mum remarries a rich TV presenter Sam. Luke's relationship with Sam is already bad
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Also Luke realises that 'Sam needs them' (164) and that his mum needs Sam ' I have all I ever wanted ' (164) Jackie French explains it's very important and hard for the teenager and step-parent to get along.

Lulachs biological father was burnt alive during a war. Lulachs mother also remarries but she marries her cousin Macbeth. Lulach does not really understand why his mum couldn't be mormear of moray and he also didn't like his new stepfather Macbeth. Until Macbeth incites lulach to go with him to stop Thorfinns army. 'I'll look after him' says Macbeth (35) he also says ' god go with you ' (183). Jackie French also shows that you can gradually get to like someone after a while and she shows that it just takes time.

Jackie French's novel Macbeth and Son shows us that we need our biological parents / step parents even if we don't like them. She shows this when both boys lost their biological fathers at a young age and they felt like their mothers were replacing their biological fathers but it changes when Sam got Megan's farm back for them and the hotel got put elsewhere and when Sam bought Luke a motorbike , Lulach's relationship changed when Macbeth took Lulach to his first fight and when he got Lulach to help him scare Thorfinns men

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