Reflection Of Relativism

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The way many people think about morals is that everyone has the same moral standard and principle that make certain actions appear to be general, to be constituted for everyone. Relativism is a topic in which it determines what could be right or wrong and true or false. Relativism itself is a topic used in ethics to describe morality in societies. Through this, we determine that moral relativism is described as the values that are determined by the society that we grew up in and that there are no universal values. This can be viewed as a prevalent issue as many do not view morality in this sense. Popular relativism states that there can be different moral standards for different societies. As such, each and every society has there own moral value and through this, they have their own moral beliefs and practices. In this sense, the morals in every society are, in its own…show more content…
Viewing both parts of the negative and positive aspects of relativism I would say that it would have to depend on the situation I’m in for me to determine what would be morally correct. Yet, in certain ways, I would have to disagree with relativism. If for whatever reason I live in a society that I do not agree with, relativism says that I have to conform with that society and follow their moral beliefs. It would seem as if I would be living in a trapped world. If I lived in an area where slavery was morally acceptable, I would not like that. There’s also the situation that if relativism were to be true then I would not be able to agree with many historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. Without historical figures like him, people would not be able to live the life they so much appreciate now. Besides, allowing moral practices like genocide, slavery, or discrimination, is not morally acceptable to me. Those situations are not ethical to me and if it can be acceptable in relativism, then relativism itself is not
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