Speech On Racism

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Studies show that policemen are more likely to pullover and check blacks’ and Latinos’ cars over whites. Why might you ask? Possibly because of the racism toward blacks and Latinos. Racism consists of the hatred of one person due to his or hers skin color, language, or origin. Laws were created against racism and yet opinions and stereotypes still remain. Even today people still treat others differently because of their differences that they cannot control. I agree that not all people might display a racist attitude. However numerous people still commit racist actions or make racist comments that can upset others around them, without even knowing it. Racism still exists to this day because of the lack of awareness, stereotyping, and because of the history behind it.…show more content…
Often times challenges arise when deciphering whether ones comments are racist and hurtful, or just a funny joke. People must realize that racism starts with the smallest pun, the most insignificant utterance of a six-letter word. One story comes to mind when I participated in a baseball practice several years ago. A teammate of mine threw a ball beyond the fence line. Trying to show kindness I offered to retrieve it; so I quickly hopped the fence and recovered the lost ball. When I returned one of my teammates made the humors remark, “Wow you hoped that fence pretty quick. You must be a Mexican.” A majority of my teammates chuckled, however I took a large offense at this comment. This instance demonstrates the damage someone can do to ones self-confidence with one simple little joke. Many people lack awareness in the matter of racism and when their comments effect and hurt
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