Social Exclusion Of The Bihari Community

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Relevant Literature Review
The present study examines several works about marginalization, exclusion and social alienation from the worldwide viewpoint that offers significant understandings and rules for this paper. Through adding the concepts of social solidarity and social order Emile Durkheim offered a prominent theory of social exclusion in 1893 which is very important in the literatures of classical sociology. Durkheim argued that contemporary industrial society is the result of a key alteration from an agricultural society that produced a binary conception of societal order and societal displacements in society (Room, 1995; cited in O’Brien and Penna, 2007:3). Accordingly Durkheim concluded that these displacements and ailments are the
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Amongst these scholars the works of Ahsan and Hussain (1990), Ahmad (2004), Yasmin (2004), Lynch & Cook (2006), Sattar (2007), Khan and Samadder (2007), Farzana (2008), and Hussain (2009) provide a lot of important literatures regarding the social isolation and exclusion of the Bihari community people. Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) has also studied a lot concerning the problems of this deprived community people. Throughout this study, the researchers reviewed these important writings for finding out the study holes and for formulating the questions of this research. However, the basic findings of these literatures showed the researcher that the marginalization, isolation and exclusion of the Bihari women have not been studied via the sociological lens. Hence in this present work the researcher tried to fulfill these aforementioned study holes or research…show more content…
Bihari women have to live in an eight feet by eight or ten feet single room with all the family members which reveals that there is no privacy in their married or conjugal life as well as in their personal life. Even in many cases newly married couple has to share the same room with other members of the family .That means housing problem is a serious issue and it is destroying the privacy and dignity of the Bihari women

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