Religion And Corruption In Spike Lee's Malcolm X

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It is well known that throughout the majority of human existence, organized religion has consistently played a massive role in history. People turn to religion for many different reasons. For some religion gives hope and a sense of purpose. For others, it is a shelter and a way to avoid feeling vulnerable, weak, or afraid. The role of religion, however, has never remained consistent. Religion can be a source of enlightenment and a tool of corruption at the same time and has done so for most of human history. Spike Lee’s cinematic masterpiece Malcolm X demonstrates the potential for religion to be used for both good and evil. Malcolm X was a hustler who hadn’t done anything else but con people all of his life. As a result of this, he wound up being sentenced to prison for ten years. His defiant attitude quickly got him into trouble with the prison guards and he was beat and thrown into solitary confinement. His defiance…show more content…
There are a large number of people who believe that Islam is not compatible with Western culture. This belief is likely due to a combination of things. Radical Islamic terrorist groups are the first reason. Why would a religion of peace be able to produce groups that are capable of such heinous crimes against humanity? Another reason is that many Islamic countries practice Sharia Law which is not at all in line with western values as it oppresses women and homosexuals. What I think these people fail to see is that religion is simply being used as a tool of oppression in these areas. Another thing which people are not able to realize that Islam is not the only religion that has been used to justify violence. The crusades was a war that was fought on the behalf of Christianity in a quest to reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslims. What this proves is that it is possible to convince someone to commit acts of violence if you tell them that it is God’s
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