Religion And Cultural Diversity

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Abstract Cultural diversity or multiculturalism plays an important role in the world, as we know that we come up different each other ranging from our language, nationality, religion, gender, and so on. There are many underlying questions why people asking about why we crated different each other, why do we have divided to male and female, why do we speak different languages. These questions basically can be answered based on our own perspective, whether with religion side or scientists side. In order to understand in cultural diversity, we are dealing with many issues such as religion, race, culture, gender, and etc. When we determine which one is the most crucial issue as we are talking about cultural diversity, it is depend on our thought since we have different way of thinking. In my perspective, i choose religion as the most crucial issue in understanding cultural diversity. Religion as a Basic of Life…show more content…
It has given meaning to lives that may seem otherwise hopeless. As we realize or not, religion has provided a universal language and culture among those who believe in a higher power, god as a lord that created us. The spirit or being receiving the worship and praise may not be the same, but the practices and the basic thought are usually similar and serve the same purpose to give direction, insight, courage, and a divine connection. All religion in the world teaches us how to behave and how to be a good person in running our lives in the world, no one religion exist in the world teaches us to do bad
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