Religion And Globalization

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The general topic of interest is religion. Here, the study intends to explore the way religious practices are influenced by the existence of globalization. Religion is commonly perceived as a good connotation and aimed for positivity. However, with the existence of globalization, global communities have taken advantage of such social environments in understanding and misunderstanding one another in the context of their own religious beliefs (Beyer & Beaman, 2007). Furthermore, religious beliefs and practices have influenced the social aspects of life among global communities. In this essence, this paper intends to explore the manner in which religious practices have been influenced by the existence of globalization and the relevant measures that should be embarked on in an effort to minimize the negative impacts of religion in globalization. The manner in which the global community establishes their cultural understanding is through such means as religion. Religion is a spiritual establishment that symbolizes a given cultural stand that unites a given group of people that believe in it. Even though religion has played an important role in connecting societies with a given spiritual understanding, it has also acted as a potential tool for psychological therapy (Juergensmeyer, 2005). However, the practice of religion among global communities is highly influenced by the cultural understanding of each and every community that comprises global societies. As a result, some of
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