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Since the first appearance of religion, many of them have appeared throughout the centuries including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Even though each and every one of these religions contain different teachings and values, these religions do not encourage or maybe even think of homosexuality as a sin or wrongdoing, thinking it is outrageous for someone to be involved in the matter. Religion and sexual orientation have formerly appeared to clash. For ages, the religious disapproval of homosexual acts, and even homosexual person, was unquestioned. The relationship between religions and homosexuality is complicated and has varied enormously throughout time. Every faith holds a unique perspective on sexuality that has come to shape…show more content…
But if non-procreative sex is the issue, society started down the slippery slope with production of the contraceptive pill—or, really, even earlier, when birth control became common. We 've been into the non-procreative sex thing for some time now. Even most religious conservatives don 't have the heart to go after this. If sex without the possibility of creating life is wrong, then religious leaders would have to go back to warring against masturbation. Another case is sex with the infertile, since they do not have the ability to give birth, is it considered wrong as…show more content…
In other words, many of the world 's faiths do argue against homosexuality, but they don 't raise it to the level of moral calamity: It 's bad but not that bad. Privately, religious conservatives are appalled and grossed out by homosexuality but realise that the more common American view is modulated. So, they choose to focus on the idea that marriage in general is under threat. (Steven Waldman, November 19,

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