Religion And Secularization In Malaysia

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Malaysia is rich in diversity where there are various types of religion in the country. In Malaysia, religion is the basic fundamental for everyday living among societies whereas religion helps Malaysian to always awake with humanity and help to improves life quality. However, in 21th century, religion seems to be no longer significant to the societies because of the present of the secularization. In Malaysia, for around 58% of total population are dominated by Islam. So the leadership are all based on Islam teaching. Culture can be define as the belief, behaviours, values and symbols that are accepted by a group of people. In this case, culture refers to behaviour of certain societies towards some issues which is also convenient with social problems. In Malaysia, social problems was rarely to be heard and uncommon to happen for few years back opposite to during this time being. It is believed that one of the reason is because of the secularization. This is clearly shown that Malaysia are also experience secularization in term of religion and culture.
For the purpose of this assignment, the focus will be on the meaning of secularization and also to concentrate on how religion and culture in Malaysia are affected by secularization.


According to Wilson, secularization is the process where the sacred is slowly fading away to non-religious aspect (Wilson, 1982). In other words, societies are more likely to do things which

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