Religion And Spirituality In 1984 Vs. Orwell's 1984

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When talking about religion or spirituality in the novels, it is important to know what the word stands for itself. Religion in general, refers to any type of belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Religion is a state of consciousness, an unquestionable commitment towards a super power that has control over all that’s been and all that is yet to come. Remarkably religion in both novels stands for the same thing but with a different methodology. Both Orwell and Huxley use religion as a tool of power, a tool that helps maintain the totalitarian regime at its most powerful state. In 1984 for example, the religion of all the citizens of the society consist of believing in everything that the party and Big Brother says. The government in this novel wants to remove any dependency on personal beliefs and abolish any individual thoughts about an explanation for the way things are that may lead to awareness of the actual truth in the society. Orwell tries to form an image of a society in which the citizens of the society are expected to only answer to one true power, one true god and in this case that is the decision makers of the society. This is completely apparent when O’Brian compares God and in some sense controlling of personal beliefs to power. Also he names the inner party members the “priests of power” , which yet again shows the inter-connected relationship of authority and religion in this novel. In addition, in 1984
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