Religion And Thanks Giving Theories

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Thanks giving as a religious phenomenon
The life of most people in the United States of America were driven by a number of theories as well as some believes. Life revolved around these theories that in many cases tried to explain certain behaviors that took place within the society. People believed in various religions that at the same had different practices. Christians, Muslims and other believers had their own perceptions towards certain phenomenon. A number of practices were performed by significantly large number of people. For instance, thanksgiving is a practice that brought many people together from different parts, elaborates Emmons, R. A., & Kneezel, T. T. (2009). On the other, a scholar called Robert Bella came with another theory
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There are a number of simple dogmas that are well outlined within the civil religion. Examples of these are beliefs such as; the existence of God, the exclusion of the different forms of religious intolerance, the life to come and the punishment of the vice as well as the reward for the virtue. Birt, J. (2008) illustrates that this is a religion that is presumed to be channeled by the various leaders such as the president or the state leaders. While this happens, all other types of…show more content…
The president after consulting with the congress even went as far as recommending a specific day, Thursday which came I be. This is an act that is very far away from the Christianity as most of their special days are those that were chosen by God through His anointed people. The civic religion is one that is very different from the as suggested by Bella and because thanksgiving is related to it in this manner, the two therefore fits very well. It is exactly from the point that civic religion revolves around the action of our governmental leaders and thanksgiving was also started by a leader. This proclamation day was later left to the states.
Furthermore, we get that the day for thanksgiving became an official holiday only once those from the North dominated the federal government. Emmons, R. A., & Kneezel, T. T. (2009) states that, it implies that the establishment of thanksgiving was determined by the power. Moreover, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the thanksgiving national day to be 6th of August.
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