Religion Based Child Care Case Study

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1. Should Rhoda consider the Religion based child care? Why or Why not? No she should not because religious based centers are not required to follow tittle III of the ADA, meaning they do not need to make public accommodations such as if the center takes place in the basement and all they have is steps they are not required to make the accommodation of an elevator. 2.Q 2. Sunny Places has stated that Donnie can attend but the family will be billed an additional cost because of the additional care Donnie will require. Can they bill additional costs? Why or Why not? No because in Donnie’s case yes he needs assistants but the accommodations that Donnie would need is covered under the ADA. 13Q. A 3. Even though Donnie is 12 months old, Sunny…show more content…
Such thigs that a public facility would need to follow can be found in common questions. Some of the basic things that public facilities need follow under Title III are not excluding children because of their disability, must make reasonable modifications, and must provide auxiliary aids and services that are needed. This can be found under General Information, question three. 12. What are the 4 types of accommodations that a child care facility must follow? A child care facility must not exclude a child because of their disability. A child care center must help children take off and put on their leg braces and must provide similar types of assistants if it does not time consuming and would not cause a child to be left unattended, question 21 Issues regarding specific disabilities. A child care facility must adjust their policy if they have a “no pet” policy if a child needs it. According to the ADA under General information, question eleven, a service animal is not considered a pet. 13. What should be stated in a child care centers program materials and brochures to assure the public that they accept children with disabilities and do not
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