Religion Clauses Dwells The Free Exercise Clause

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The American population is becoming increasingly diverse in regards to religious beliefs. The rapid expansion has called to attention the rights we the people have been guaranteed in the Constitution. The Constitution of the United States ensures its citizens the freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, making it a necessity to balance First Amendment rights alongside individual jurisdiction. With diverse religious viewpoints, the United States has become substantially polarized in regards to religious boundaries. Composed of over 2,000 religions and approximately 400,000 churches, synagogues and mosques, it is imperative to create balance. In order to create such harmony, ‘Religion clauses’ have been put in place to establish rules concerning how faith and government should coexist. Within the Religion Clauses dwells the Free Exercise Clause. In this, the ability for students to pray, leave class for religious purposes and discrimination is addressed. It is critical to implicate these requirements to avoid outrage among citizens. Without such actions being carried out, the first amendment right is denied to the American people. Under no circumstances should our license to exercise freedoms be ignored. Every person has the opportunity to express his or her religious belief or, to be free from pressure to believe.…show more content…
These teachings also define a society as a group of people bound together. In cultures, government corresponds directly with man. It is entrusted to our elected officials to thrust the country towards positive economic and social objectives. This involvement by the state can however cause hazards. Extreme intervention can result in turmoil. Instead of existing to regulate and enforce laws on the people, government should act as support. With the assistance of the state, the community is able to utilize individual talents and bring the nation together as a
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