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During a time period that was present around 400 years ago, many colonists sought religious and economic freedom and decided to break away from the British government to form an independent nation. This area they inhabited is now called, the United States. In this time of great change, the colonists had to completely formulate a new government. Since one of the major motives for breaking off of Britain was for freedom of religion, it ended up becoming a good base for the building up of a new government. Religion gave many advantages to the growth of government through unifying the people, establishing power, and constructing order.
Unification was one of the largest advantages of the establishment of New England colonial governments. This is
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The juxtaposition of religion and government that quickly found leaders can be illuminated in the Thanksgiving Proclamation, written by George Washington. A section of this document reads, “to recommend to the people a public day of thanksgiving and prayer...especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness” (Source 3). Washington shows the power he was given in being able to declare a day of thanksgiving to the colonists as President. It shows his growth from having the job of a General to becoming the United States first President. By alluding to religion, he was able to gain support a from a majority of the colonists. A second document, Letter to Lord Saye and Sele, proves this by stating, “If the people be governors, who shall be governed? As for monarchy, and Aristocracy, they are both of them clearly approved, and directed in scripture...Theocracy in both, as the best form of government in the commonwealth, as well as the church” (Source 4). John Cotton is explaining that he believes God should be given the supreme power and would prevent people from becoming too powerful. This belief resulted in an overall establishment of God as the ultimate leader to guide the nation, which, in turn, provided
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