Religion During The Renaissance

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Intro: During the Renaissance (1300-1700) religion impacted many aspects of the modern day living in the world today. There were various topics and religions during this time. I.Main Religion
A.Name of religion
1.Main Purpose of that religious
2.Where the religion was located B. People who followed the religion
1.Opposers of the religion
2.Is the religion here today? II.Popes in the time
A.Main popes
1.What religion the popes taught
2.Stability of the church B. Influence the popes had
1.How the popes are today
2.What the religion is today III. Martin Luther
A.Who is Martin Luther?
1.Luther 's life
2.When was he around B. What Luther did
1.Main Reason
2.Influences on the people at the time.
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