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Religion in Africa has a plethora of components to it and has been a large benefactor to the civilization and craft throughout the entirety of the continent. One of the many prominent religions in Africa today is Christianity. Christianity in particular, which is the belief of a single (monotheistic) creator/God first came in two waves. First the original wave and second the wave that was due to slavery. Christianity initially arrived in North Africa, in either the first or early second century AD. The Christian communities in North Africa were among the earliest in the world. Once in North Africa, Christianity began to spread constantly West from Alexandria and East to Ethiopia. For the past fifty years the churches in Africa have been growing…show more content…
Booth Jr. In the book Booth begins by stating how contrary to Islam and the tribal religions being viewed as traditional to Africa, Christianity is considered as a religion that was imported from Europe to Africa. Christianity initially did not have a strong influence to the South of the Sahara until the beginning of the protestant missionary era. Later on in the centuries to come there were chaplains who had ministered to Africans, but they were later on forbidden when it became apparent that the conversion of Africans hindered the slave trade. Once the British realized the detrimental effects of the slave trade a ubiquitous effort began on the behalf Africa. The three main directions that these efforts took were the establishment of colonies of freed slaves, the faltering of the slave trade, and finally the missionary endeavors in Africa. Booth states that all three of these resulted in the large participation of blacks in establishing Christianity in west Africa. One of the main arguments used to support the colonization was that Africans can best evangelize Africa. This claim was supported by the European’s difficulty in surviving from malaria, resulted in a place for blacks in the early days of missionaries in Africa. After around 1870 there was a drastic change in European relations with Africa which affected the relations in the church as well as…show more content…
At the service there later is an African dance step performance, where the choir is followed by the drums, the organ and other African instruments. It was also noted how the church in Africa has shown a great interest in the Old testament than most European churches. There are also notable similarities between the old testament and African life, such as polygamy.

In conclusion I believe Booth made numerous valid points that helped to support his claims and added context to his argument. Booth’s entire essay sought to affirm that Christianity is an African religion by showing how much its introduction into Africa was carried out by the black people who led the establishment of churches related to the Western controlling of distinguishable African character. Christianity was a factor of great change in Africa. It brought entirely new opportunities to some, and undermined the power of others. The spread of Christianity paved the way for many commercial speculators, and, in its original European form, denied people pride in their culture and ceremonies until Africans were able to fuse their own culture into it to truly make it their
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