Religion In American Literature: Winthorp, Edwards, And Paine

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Religion is a prominent factor in American literature, writers are able to express their values and opinions in several manners, albeit personal or factural. This is established through three writers in the mid-1700s, they are Winthorp, Edwards, and Paine.

Firstly, Jonathan Edwards presents his views of religion and God by expressing personal experiences with the audience in his "Personal Narrative". For example, he prays five times a day by himself or with friends. When he was younger he had a "particular secret place of my own in the woods, where i used to retire by myself," (p398) this secret praying location was where he could engage in his religious duties and contemplate life. Furthermore, to Edward 's "prayer seemed to be natural to me; as the breath, by which the inward burnings
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Oppositely, in Winthorp 's passage of "A Model of Christian Charity," he has more syscinct and logical demonstration of religion compared to Edwards. For example, on page 168, Winthorp writes "This law of the Gospel propounds...There is a time when a Christian must sell all and give to the poor as they did the Apostles ' times," (p168) which is a reference to Luke 18.22). Winthorp involves Gospel laws and explains restrictions that ideal Christians need to abide by; being sympathetic to the poor. Furthermore, in "A Model of Christian Charity" there are 4 question, answer and objection sections. which is organised and legible. The questions include "What rule shall a man observe in giving in respect of the measure?...What rule must we observe in lending?" (p168/9). As the layout is in an organised question format it creates a logical format for readers and allows them to throughly think about rules and laws about the Gospel and God. Winthorp has several references to passages in the Bible e.g. to Matthew, Deuteronomy, Isaiah etc. Therefore, Winthorps easy to read question and answer format, along with his referencs to the Bible it allows viewers to relate to his view on
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