Religion In Brave New World Essay

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Brave New World is a work of literature portraying a dystopian world. In this society, people are never sad or unsatisfied. In order to maintain stability, there are things that are abolished and kept away from society to keep everything running smoothly. One of these things is religion because it is seen as unnecessary and creates complications. On the other hand, the economy is widely worshiped and consumerism is a major key. Aldous Huxley experiments and compares the economy, one of the strongest factors of society, to religion and, in the novel, replaces one with the other. Even if religion is abolished, its main concept still remains. Originally humans used Christianity to explain natural occurrences and other things that could not…show more content…
Not only are the people valuing a manufacturer as their god which creates a biased civilization, but the existing economy is improved. Mindless consumerism is one of the most important traits to this world that favors production. Consumerism is practiced by promoting a variety of services and a certain type of sports that uses complex equipment that is very expensive called obstacle golf. Not only this but everyone is conditioned to act a certain way to support the economy. In conclusion, Brave New World just shows us a society that is more bent towards economic matters and mass production in general. Religion is not necessarily abolished but to be more exact christianity is dissolved. Instead of worshipping the God that created everything, people treat the Ford manufacturer as their god. They value mass production and consumerism instead of morals for example. Already we can see the drastic shift of balance with economy gaining a lot more worth with the boosted traits of religion infused in it. It has a very high place in society which means in Brave New World that everyone is conditioned to act a certain way to further support the flow of manufacture. It is just the replacement of Christianity with something more practical to fit the environment of Brave New World so that people would not feel any negativity from religion or
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