Religion In The Chosen, By Chaim Potok

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Religion itself, is the belief in a superhuman or entity that guides us. It acts as a set of standards that affects our faith and ideas on morality, beliefs and the way to live our lives. In The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, it is clearly visible that religion affects people tremendously. Both Reuven and Danny are Jewish yet, they are divided due to religious differences between Hasidism and Orthodox Judaism, in Brooklyn, New York during the mid-1940s. With such differences in cultures, the boys face tensions caused by their limiting religion. And as displayed throughout the novel, Reuven Malter finds that his religion brings him comfort, whereas for Danny Saunders it causing limitations that he must face to overcome this restricting religion, so he can embrace what the world has to offer.
Reuven as well as his father,
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Reuven’s father teaches his son that there is much in the world to understand, between all peoples. When David brings his son a radio while he is in the hospital, he tells his son that, “The radio brought the world together” (Potok 52). And because of this, he refers to it as a blessing. His father is not one to accept things as they are and believe that it is purely by the word of God. After all, David Malter is a teacher. He uses scientific criticism to observe God’s Commandments (135). His father also makes Reuven aware of pain he can cause someone, and instead of reprimanding him he allows the words of the Talmud to guide him. David Malter refers to the Talmud in
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