Religion In Chetan Bhagat's Three Mistakes Of My Life

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The novel shows the perfect Indian Mentality of not accepting inter caste marriages and the custom of still living in age –old orthodox and impractical viewpoint. The novels suggest right through that India is a very religious country and older people have tremendous views on religion and young people are quite unable to relate to it. For Bhagat, generational divide is one that India greatly needs to bridge. The older generation grew up in a time of shortage and prized a suffocation social conformity where everyone lived separate but equal lives. The young are almost a race apart with a liberal attitude that is opposed to the Indian hierarchies of caste and creed. The writer expresses his thoughts of optimism for inter-state marriage as the means of national integration that will appreciably increase greater understanding between cultures resulting in much needed final unity, absence of which has been explained by the novelist in The Three Mistakes of My Life that had created the bedlam in the country which…show more content…
Chetan Bhagat speaks out the mind of new generation. His characters are young blood, not the old age people. The writer talks about three prisoners of IIT in his Five Point Someone and three friends are the leading male of his The Three Mistakes of My Life; whereas a group of Call Centre executives constitute the major bulk of characters in One Night @the Call Centre. He knows very well that India has the largest populace of youth in the world and he is wise enough to target these inexperience people as his reader or customer, most of them have just started selecting reading as habit and unluckily found easily available works of Chetan Bhagat in every nook and cranny. It is the voice of youth and its emotional cord that touches his readers the
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