Religion In China Essay

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In most countries, religion is under an open environment and people have the right to choose their beliefs. But in some developing countries, the government affect people’s beliefs, such as, China, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which is officially atheist since ancient times.
Last year, "the Chinese government took steps to consolidate further its authoritarian monopoly of over all aspects of its citizen’s lives” (Chan 2005). China restricts freedom of religion because the government believes there are many uncoordinated religious and socialist issues. To begin, is about a benefit. Some parts of temples can’t manage income effectively, thus leading to turmoil, management and financial chaos. Secondly, there are ethnic problems such
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There are two main situation that should us religions are limited in china. The first one, in China, most people do not really understand religions and they do not have beliefs. According to Giles (1950) Christianity, comparing with other religions, Christianity’s entrance into Chinese society is earlier than others, but that did not affect people’s life. Some people think practicing religion could affect their lives, work and study, because practicing one religion needs a lot of time and energy. Even some people think religion cannot bring benefits to their lives since religion cannot change if they live in poor area or not. According to Li (2015), in 2013, the Chinese academy of social science made a discovery that illustrated over 85% did not have belief in China. And the main form of most religion is house church, that the key factor is unregistered and not officially recognized. Thus, they do not have opportunities to do Christian thinking, and schools did not provide religion courses to enhance student’s awareness. As the contemporary students who are lack of religious education, especially the mainland of china. Moreover, in recent years, there are some people using religions as excuse to fraud. Which gives people the idea that people who have religions are fraudulent. Because of this, there are more people afraid of people who have faith, even
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