Religion In Colonial America

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Religion was a flourishing entity among society and politics both in Colonial America and Great Britain. It gave way to righteousness for a certain cause at that time or a way to assure leadership was valid among citizens of that particular country most commonly amid the Monarch rule over Great Britain and and later Parliament. Religion had a great power of influence over the people and the way they thought about the future of their country, in particular, Colonial America and the justification of the American Revolution against England. Regarding documents from key revolutionary figures and Sermons both hailing and denouncing the Revolution, and the ideas Americans had as religion being a rationale of their pursuits, only then can religion…show more content…
Jefferson is also once again seen as a contributor of this idea in his writing of the Declaration of Independence stating “all men are created equal.” Differences between the colonies and Europe on this idea were completely different in that the Kings and Monarchy used Christian doctorines to sustain their rule over their kingdoms. The third idea was that central government threatened polity and that a central government possessed too much power over man and many patriots rejected that notion and believed in a divided government unlike old European ways where there political theory was that god entitled political sovereignty to the Monarch’s rule.The fourth point that both deist and evangelicals believed was a cause of the revolution was the lack of virtue the English Government had shown. The colonist believed it allowed for the harassment and assault of the colonies because it opened a door for tyranny and ultimately led to deprivation of liberty. Samuel Adams made a point on virtue discussing that if Americans remained pure and divine, they could create a “Christian…show more content…
In his take of the revolution, He was saying that the consequences of war will be big, not only in temporal distress, but also with an evil that extends itself into eternity. During the war against British forces, the continental army constantly needed chaplains to remind them why they are in battle and why they serve such an important cause. Military Chaplains would often need to remind soldiers of their devotion to God and country to keep spirits high when they were in fear of their own lives. One of the most admired military chaplains during the revolution was Abiel Leonard, who was the most favorited by Washington. He had poured everything into maintaining the “godly fervor” of the continental Army. Washington favored Leonard so much that he asked the pastor’s congregation if they would allow Abiel to stay for an extended tour and continue preaching the importance of the faith of god upon the
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