Religion In David G. Myers The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Although society has tried to separate religion and spirituality from everyday life, levels of happiness reported are still affected by these factors. David G. Myers, author of The Pursuit of Happiness, lends this correlation to the confidence in the faith and what components a religion can bring to life rather than the truth of the doctrine that one follows. This idea is supported in many Gallup polls and also the personal experience of my family, my friends, and myself. Myers writes that “survey after survey…reveals that religious people more often than nonreligious people report feelings of a happy and satisfied life.” People that are more spiritual almost always answer that they fall in the “very happy” category. It is important to note that it is not that being religious makes life easier as everyone is equally likely to experience tragedy and disappointment in life. However, religion can help make coping a more positive experience. Faith provides community, purpose, acceptance, and eternal perspective which contribute to a more positive mind-set. Each of these supply the support to preserver through the trials of life…show more content…
I would consider myself very religious, and since I can remember I have attended church every Sunday and strive to live piously. The most influential of these factors that impacted my life was acceptance. The idea that God created me and loves me despite the times I fail or the challenges I face is comforting and gives me peace and joy to celebrate every moment of every day. In struggles such as losing two friends or big life decisions, I have been able to rest in the certainty that God has a plan that is greater than my own. Further, I find purpose in the fact that God created me to achieve a purpose, and my actions can affect others by bringing them joy through small acts of kindness and sharing God’s love. All of these instances depict how my religion has greatly attributed to my

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