Religion In Edward Scissorhands

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Many movie characters are proposed to be representations of Jesus Christ or God due to their seemingly greater than life powers such as Phil or the Groundhog from “Groundhog Day”. However, a character doesn’t have to be magical or powerful in order to represent God. A common belief among many religions is that, put simply, God is a being that created the world and helped people during times of great need. In the movie “Edward Scissorhands” by Tim Burton, Edward is a mysterious young man with scissors for hands who lived alone in a mansion for years, overlooking a small, monotonous and very flawed town. After meeting one kind resident, Peg, he resides in her home where he is exposed to the residents’ flaws. As a result, he immediately shows…show more content…
Edward represents God as he contradicts the sins of the town and acts as a creator that works to better the residents’ lives. The town is full of residents who in some way are all greatly flawed. These flaws range from the housewives’ sexualization of men to Esmeralda’s obsession with religion and the devil to Kim’s unhappy and somewhat abusive relationship with her boyfriend. While these specific flaws may seem insignificant, Burton chose them specifically, as they actually stem from three of the Seven Deadly Sins. First, the housewives can be linked to lust, the first Deadly Sin, which is described as intense sexual desire. Almost all of the women in the town prove to be affected by a strong sexual desire, despite being married. For example, in the beginning, a woman watches as a man fixes her dishwasher, making sexual remarks and becoming annoyed when a saleswoman distracts her while she’s “busy”. In addition, after Edward arrives, all the women are intrigued by him and immediately become attracted to him, sexualizing his different and mysterious appearance and personality. Rather than accepting their behavior, Edward is instead frightened and becomes uncomfortable, revealing that he is contradicting the behavior of the sinful
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