Religion In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Religion is an almost universal institution in human society and an integral part of our lives. Every religion preaches morality and love for everything around us. Religion teaches compassion and helps to find ourselves. It affects both: on the processes which are taking place within society and on each person in the whole. Many of us consider religion universal and, this means, a significant institution of societies. It is the foundation on which the normative structure of society stands. Functions of religions have not changed for hundreds of centuries, despite the fact that now the majority of states are considered secular and formally religion has no influence on the life of civil society. It still manages and leads us. Religion encouraged…show more content…
World view is the complex phenomenon of man 's spiritual world. It gives us certain values and ideals. So, through religion we can find our place in life. A little child under the influence of his parents learns what is good and what is bad. But where people originally learned what is good and bad mean? There are certain commandments in every religion, such as “Thou shall not kill” and “you shall not steal”. All this gave the basis of the current laws and basic morals of society. In the “Lottery” written by Shirley Jackson people are organized the annual lottery. The main idea of the story is that those person who will pull a piece of paper with black mark will die from the hands of their own neighbors. People allow such a monstrous ritual exist in society because they believe that it is right. They have adopted the ritual from their parents and therefore do not ask whether it is…show more content…
From ancient times religion was the cause of many wars. It divides people is not along class lines, and by the way in which God you believe. The problem is not only that the various religions fight among themselves, but also there are many different currents in one religion. Also agnostics and atheists have a negative attitude to the fact that religious movements affect their lives. This applies to cases when the authorities go on about the religious communities and somehow distinguish members of religious communities from the general mass of people. This leads people to intolerance and separation from each other. It generates in people a negative attitude to certain faiths and therefore to the people who follow

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