Religion In International Relations

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While religion has been kept aside or ignored in the practice of international relations, it has played such a big role in traditional and modern states since the beginning of time. In the west for example, religion represented a structure of social power and cultural authority that helped to integrate and effect policies and practices. According to Scot M. Thomas, religion was intended as part of the political mythology and freedom and now has emerged as a universal concept applicable to other cultures and civilizations. Religion has been defined in a comprehensive sense as the relation of man to that which man regards as holy. The system by which man recognizes the existence of a super human controller of the universe, the recognition of…show more content…
However, the ability of these two branches to incorporate the complex effects of religion on a global scale differs significantly. For instance, security studies theories generally share the philosophical underpinnings of international relations theories that have a pessimistic view of human nature. A belief in the fundamental inevitability of war and a suspicion that morality, law and institutional cooperation can only play a limited role in an anarchic international system where the logic of self help reigns (Baylis & Wirtz 2007). Sandal & James 2010 have argued that of all the realist paradigms, classical realism may be the one most amenable to taking into account the role of religion. Because it is founded on human nature, It has provided an opportunity to look at linkages between the human nature and the system…show more content…
The earliest known Christian presence in Kenya is associated with Portuguese explorers particularly Vasco Da Gama who arrived in 1498 (Barrett et.a. 1973:20) notably though was the arrival of Johann Ludwig Krapf in 1832. He introduced mission stations and schools that continued throughout the country. Most of the churches that set up majority stations include the Catholic Church. It has its headquarters in Rome with the Pope as the head of the Church. The Protestant Church led by the Anglican church of Kenya commands a huge following in the country. The ACK Church is built on the foundation of the apostolic faith in Jesus Christ with the ability to equip all Christians to face the challenges of the new millennium. Its mission is to bring all people into a living relationship with god through Jesus Christ, preaching, teaching, healing and social transformation and enabling them to grow in

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