Religion In Oscar Wilde's The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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Some feel very strongly about what they know to be certain. Some feel certain about religion, others about love. In Oscar Wilde’s book The Picture of Dorian Gray a character, Lord Henry Wotton, says this, : “The things one feels absolutely certain about are never true. That is the fatality of Faith, and the lesson of romance” (181). The truth one knows does not always prove to be certain. Truth varies for each person and truths have been disproved throughout history. Science has also brought to light many new discoveries to everyone’s lives. Therefore, this epigram is valid and the things one feels certain about are not true. There is no doubt that one has one’s own beliefs that that certain person would stick up for.; this applies to everyone.…show more content…
History, as it progresses, evolves and adapts to new knowledge. This novel takes place about a century after America became a country. The knowledge of North America led the European countries to invade and repopulate with their offspring, while driving the natives out. That led to the creation of new countries. Until then, many believed that there was only Europe and Asia on a map alongside some islands. The truth one knows is not always certain. Many characters are religious in The Picture of Dorian Gray. Religions around the world rely on what is scripted to be true. Even though many overlap or cancel each other out, billions around the world continue to believe in what is certain for them. Romance is also another thing believed to be certain. The relationships focused on in the novel are very unstable and based on almost no connection other than money. Although there are many different views about different romances. One type of romance that has long been under fire are LGBTQ romances. While many live happily being who they are, others face the scrutiny of others throwing what they believe to be true onto them. That is the case with Oscar Wilde himself. He lived in a time where his truth was not accepted by
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