Religion In Renaissance Art

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In the time of Greek and Roman periods of art, religion played a large roll. Great power was given from God. Structures were built to praise the Gods and sculptures were made to depict the idea of how they looked. But, in the medieval period the ideas of the people began to change. Thoughts started to turn more into the idea of spirituality and paganism. Later, paganism started to die down and art started to bring the idea of religion and humanism together. This began to show more and more in the artwork throughout the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo eras. The Renaissance era saw a shift in the subjects used for art. The scholar Petrarch was able to mash the idea of religion and humans together. There were many other famous artists of the time, but the most famous artist, because of the Mona Lisa, is Leonardo Di Vinci. Leonardo was not just an artist. He was also a doctor and a scientist and by studying cadavers he was able to perfect his paintings of real people. The Mona Lisa has never needed to be restored. It is believed that the blend of oil and cottonwood has kept the painting from decaying. (Totally History, 2012) The next area is the Baroque. The area was more elegant and smooth. There was also a lot of use of light and dark. Caravaggio, also known as Michelangelo Merisi. (, 2016) lived…show more content…
This style of painting was less serious than its predecessors and more about leisurely activities. Some were even slightly provocative. Due to the scientific advances printing artwork was becoming more popular. The artist Rembrandt became famous for his sketches’ of objects and animals. He was most famous for his self-portraits. The way he could capture realism was remarkable. He was even able to capture his own aging process. With all the tragedy that Rembrandt suffered, from the death of many loved ones to having to file bankruptcy and losing all his possessions he continued to create amazing art until his
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