Religion In The 17th Century Essay

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Religion is a cultural universal that affects society in so many different ways. The various teachings can give explanations of things seemingly unexplainable, it can act as a way of social control, but either way religion is an integral part of American society now and it was maybe even more so in early America. In early 17th century, the Puritans came to America in a great migration to escape religious persecution and in the hopes of creating “a city upon a hill.” They established their society in New England and Puritanism dominated the area. In Puritan colonies, there was very little distinction between law and religious decrees, and this is just one of the examples of how Puritanism was the foundation of New England culture. Their religion affected their art, literature and even their architecture.
Unlike the Pilgrims/Separatists the Puritans felt as if the Church of England was not reformed enough strived to change it, but not completely separate from it. Their society was pious and devout. Ironically, even though they left England to escape religious persecution, they were known for their harsh treatment of differing opinions. Puritanism puts strong emphasis on hard work and constant self examination. It preached a vengeful
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Their architectural style choices exhibit a strong medieval heritage. The first permanent buildings utilized post and beam construction and farmhouses. These constructions were lacking in any architectural frills due to the Puritan denunciation of frivolous things. The bedrooms were typically on the second or third floor and the ground floor typically had a hall and parlor. A hall was a large living place not like the hallways we are used to. Their homes had low ceilings and exposed beams. These buildings had what they needed, and since their entire life was supposed to be devoted to God, all other things would just be a distraction and
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