Religion In The American Colonies Essay

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Religion played an important role in each of the British colonies. Many Christian groups tried to enforce religious observance through the colony's government and the local town's rules. Some laws stated that everyone must attend a house of worship and pay taxes that helped fund the pay of ministers. Out of the thirteen colonies, only eight had official churches. In the colony, those who practice a different version of Christianity or a non- Christian faith were sometimes killed ( 1). After researching the American colonies, religion had a big impact on their lifestyle and culture. Slavery was very popular in the colonies and was also influenced by religion. Slavery was established between the 1680s and the 1780s. Slave…show more content…
The English Parliament passed the Toleration Act in 1689, which gave Quakers and many other religious groups the right to build churches and to public worship in the colonies. From there on people who did not threaten the authority of the Puritans were left alone (5). During the 1730s and the 1740s, a religious revival swept happened in the colonies. George Whitefield, a revivalist, toured America. During this tour, Jonathan Edwards said a sermon called, ¨Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” This lecture started a wave of religious fervor and began the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening caused a revolutionary movement in many ways. For example, it made it mandatory for Awakeners to mobilize, petition, organize, and it gave them political experience. The Great Awakening additionally inspired believers to follow their own beliefs despite what the church believes. Lastly, the Great Awakening challenged the right of civil authority to get involved in all matters of religion (7). Colonies were also created with religion in mind. For example, Maryland was created by Cecilius Calvert as a safe place for Catholics in 1634. Then in 1649, the Catholic leadership passed a religious toleration law. The Quakers also founded Pennsylvania. The way they treated the indians was influenced by their faith
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