Religion In The Civil War Essay

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The Civil war was a very devastating event in history that was a test on the families who had loved ones both in the war and living far away from the rest of their family. People on the home front wanted to help but felt like there was not anything they could do. Also, the addition of the draft into the war it caused more of a burden and fear of losing their loved ones. However, with the devastation of the war people seemed to do the only thing they knew how to do and that was to go to church. There seemed to be a lot more church going than before the war.
There are several accounts where people write about going to church for prayer meeting or sermons during wartime. One reason this may be is that the people were scared and did not know how to help or where to turn except to their faith. People would go to church or multiple churches, multiple times a day. They were scared to lose their friends and family that were in the war so they asked God to watch over them and bring them home. They would go to church for the sermons and prayer circles “where we heard the most earnest prayers offered in behalf
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They were afraid that they would lose them or never hear from them again. With this fear and the addition of the draft that caused families to be split up. The draft also made it to where the men were being forced to serve even if they did not want to. There was a loss of younger children and older family members from the war and there was a hard time trying to communicate with one another. The lack of communication added an extra burden because there was no instant response. All that people thought they could do was to look towards their religion for comfort. The attendance to sermons and prayer meeting made it feel like the people back home were helping. All the people on the home front wanted was to have their families return safely and for the war to come to an
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