Religion In The Crucible

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Salem is a community i which is strongly influenced by religious beliefs. along with their strict moral codes, the puritans lead an extremely conservative and simplistic way of life. Thus, when the outbreak of rumours regarding witchcraft surged salem their secure and calm lifestyle was provoked, triggering a mass hysteria resulting in countless people being accused and innocent lives being lost, The “{Crucible” by Arthur Miller demonstrates the conflict that one faces, through each individual character as they are driven by their own desires, highlighting the inner turmoil, the societal and religious struggles as well as the conlfict encountered between the community. The irrational and impetuous actions that the characters make result in…show more content…
Abigail evades responsibility for her actions and attempts to conceal the truth by averting the blame to others. After being discovered performing rituals in the forest, Abigail threatens the others girls with a “pointy reckoning” if they tell the truth, she also states that “ (tituba) had made her do it” blaming tituba for her corruption and further emphasising her spiteful character and he r lack of concern for theories as she shows no remorse. Furthermore, after being rejected by John Proctor who she claims had “put knowledge in (her) heart” furious that she had meant so little to him, Abigail’s desire to take over Elizabeth’s place is what prompts her actions. Abigail attempts to portray herself as a victim various times in order to gain one’s affection. This is evident when she states that Goody proctor is “ a cold, snivelling woman” where it is encouraged to believe that Elizabeth Proctor is a nasty person, however Abigail is not as innocent as she claims to be. Abigail’s dominance and manipulative nature is particularly shown over the girls, after she influences them to follow in her footsteps by naming others who are affiliating with the devil, by doing so they posses power and protect themselves from any accusations against them. Abigail goes to great lengths to get what she wants,
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