Religion In The Iliad

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Religion was intensely twined together with the culture of the ancient Greeks. In their several stories they have prayed to Gods to fulfill their desires, needs, and to offer assistance in their goals. The Gods would occasionally appear to select Greeks to give the gifts, comfort, or any form of aid. Alternatively, if the desires or endeavors of a mortal(s) displeased one or more Gods, they would also obstruct with the gratification of their goals. The religious beliefs and aspects of the Greek culture was very defined and strict. They believed that the world was watched over by Zesus and other Olympian Gods, and that these Gods decided their future. In the culture, they also believed that the Gods wills could be turned with sacrifices. In…show more content…
Odyssey book, this presence of God/Goddess is clear and definite because in this epic, mortals have the aptitude to talk to them, to see them, and to feel their presence around. As the beginning of the epic, Odyssey has always had the privilege of being helped by Athena (goddess) whom is Zeus daughter. Zeus who admired the man’s faith, courage, strategy, and intellect. Although the two stories of Odyssey and Iliad do seem similar as far as characters, events, and religion, they still do have their differences. The Iliad, Gods are seen as deceptive and backstabbing. There is sneaking around behind one another to aid another. For an example, Hera wants the Achaean’s to be triumphant, but Zeus tries to remain neutral. The Odyssey, the Gods seem benevolent. An example of this would be when Athena supports Odysseus and tries to assist him whenever she can. In the Odyssey they seem more unified and civil with their views. In conclusion, each of these ruler of the Gods have many similarities as well as differences all throughout this epic. Throughout the Odyssey, Iliad, and Prometheus the Greek values, culture, and religion are constantly shaped by the flow of the author. The role of the Gods in the Odyssey are strong and prevalent. They help shape the entire Odysseus
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