Religion In The Lion King

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Nowadays, religion is tied into pop culture from our childhood have this connection that we don’t recognize until later on in life. The Lion King is one film that is associated with religious themes due to it having a story that is similar to some texts. It is a Walt Disney animated film that incorporates a community of animals in a kingdom that is ruled by a lion king named Mufasa. Mufasa has a son named Simba and the story revolves around his adolescent growth and how he is supposed to be next in line to become the future king. The idea of the “Circle of Life” ties into several religions but most specifically it goes hand in hand with Christianity. A ritual is performed on him by Rafiki as a newborn and he is presented to the kingdom with…show more content…
The afterlife is seen as a belief despite Simba witnessing his dead father appear in the skies which makes Simba truly believe in a afterlife existing. He realizes that Mufasa wants him to go back to take his position in the circle of life and this ties to how he becomes like a family member who is watching over him and trying to protect him. As he was king, Mufasa tells Simba, “When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelopes eat the grass so we are connected in the great Circle of Life". This quote reflects on how he tried to make Simba understand that he should respect every aspect of the Pride Lands to create unity amongst all creatures in nature living on it. He saw him maturing and wanted him to be cautious and aware of the power he holds in the Circle of Life. When Mufasa’s ghost encounters Simba, he tells him, “Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king. Remember who you are.” This is similar to how in the bible, the relationship of the Heavenly Father mattered most in connecting our identity to who we were made to be. We are made to be his sons and daughters and this ties into how Simba made mistakes and those mistakes showed he had strayed from his father’s teachings which shaped him into who he

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